Hey there, my name is Kelvin Meyer and I'm a technical enthusiast with a passion for creating solutions that improve people's lives. I have a unique combination of skills and interests that span across software engineering, industrial design, and engineering in general.

I've completed two HBO Bachelor's degrees in different technical fields: first in Software Engineering, and the second in Industrial Design Engineering. During my studies abroad, I realized how solutions can be created with a combination of software and hardware. I'm particularly interested in the Internet of Things and believe there's a lot of innovation left for smart homes.

My passion for creating products led me to study Industrial Design Engineering. I'm fascinated by the mechanical and technical aspects of product solutions for consumers. I enjoy tweaking the design, deepening my knowledge about production processes, and researching materials.

My engineering mindset in the broadest sense of the word gives me the ability to approach problems from different angles and create unique solutions. I have a passion for challenging the status quo and coming up with alternatives. Efficiency and applying Lean principles in processes I take seriously and enjoy implementing.

Throughout my life, I have built many different things and enjoy the building process. I have particular skills in designing and building prototypes, and I find it fulfilling to see my ideas come to life.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat more about my work or have any questions! See current CV on LinkedIn and portfolio on request.